What Does a Screwdriver Look Like?

What Does a Screwdriver Look Like

There are some people who feel like they cannot do any handy work around the house. Is this you? Well if it is, there is nothing to be ashamed of at all, but we are here to tell you it is not true. Everyone is handy in their own way if they have the proper tools, the proper training, and the proper tutorials to watch. While you may think you cannot do the task at hand, all it takes is some determination and you will be surprised at how much you can do.

The first thing to do is to buy a set of tools for the projects you might have around the house. One of the most important tools you can buy is a screwdriver. Today we are going to be discussing the screwdriver, going through the basics, so you can feel confident in knowing how to use one and how to pick one out.

So, What Does a Screwdriver Look Like?

The main question posed at the top of this article, maybe got a chuckle out of you because almost everyone knows what a screwdriver looks like. However, today we are going to be diving into the various types and what they look like.

Traditional screwdriver

Let’s first start off with the traditional manual screwdriver and what is looks like. The traditional screwdriver the most people think of has a handle that can fit in one hand, and from it there is a thin metal shaft. At the end of this shaft, there are various end points that you can purchase. There is the classic Phillips one, a square one, the diamond one, for all the different types of screw heads that are on the industry. This is typically what your typical screwdriver looks like. They can range from extra-large to incredibly small, depending on the type of screwdriver you get.

Electric screwdrivers

While having a traditional manual screwdriver is a great thing to have, we think that every household should upgrade and buy an electric screwdriver, but what do these look like and how do you use them?

While many brands have different looks and styles, most of the electric screwdrivers that we have seen typically look like a smaller form of a drill. They come with various drill bits that you put in the head of the screwdriver, each having a different end to it (like all the manual screwdrivers do). These electric screwdrivers are basically an all-in-one in device, so you can use it for any type of screw by just putting in the right bit that goes with the screw you are using.

Finding the best driver for you

So now since you know what they look like, it is time to dive into what you should look for in both a manual and an electric screwdriver. Some things differ, so we will start with the similarities.

When buying any sort of tool or power tool, the most important thing in the product is durability. You need the screwdriver you buy to have longevity and be made with pristine craftsmanship. The worst type of tools you can buy are the cheap ones that may save you money up front, but within two weeks on a project, they break. Tools go through a lot, especially if you use them as much as we do, and you want them to at least last you several years. This is why we always recommend buying from a brand with a solid reputation.

If you are purchasing an electric drill, the best thing is versatility. As we explained before, you need to ensure you have a wide range of drill bits to use,depending on the type of screws you are using. You also want to find a drill that is small enough to allow you to get into tighter spaces, and that you can use for hours on end without getting too tired. Our favourite types of electric screwdrivers also come with storage space either on the driver itself or the charging station to hold all the bits so you do not lose any.

Now you know what a screwdriver looks like and what to look for, which means that you should now be ready to go shopping.