How to Use an Electric Screwdriver

How to Use an Electric Screwdriver

At some point in everyone’s life they need to purchase a new set of tools. Even if you do not think you are the best handy person around, there is going to be a point where you need to use a set of tools. What do you think the most commonly used tool is? If you guessed screwdriver, you are correct.

Screwdrivers are the best way to do various jobs around the house in a quick amount of time. They are easy to use, and great for a whatever your level of skill. However, there are some jobs that cannot be done with a manual screwdriver, or they could be done it will just take a very long time.

This is why we have decided to look at electric screwdrivers, the way of the future, and help you understand how you can use them. We will first go through what you should look for in an electric screwdriver, and then outline how to use one correctly.

What to look for and How to Use an Electric Screwdriver?

Before you buy an electric screwdriver, you should identify what kind of jobs you will be using it on. In order to make a great purchase, you need to know what to look for. The trickiest part about buying an electric screwdriver is that there are so many to choose from. They range in price, in features, in size, and it can be hard to know which to get and which to stay away from. But if you follow this guide, you will be sure to at least find something that will fit your needs.

The first thing to look at is durability.Is the product going to last up under stress, even if it is frequently used? Electric screwdrivers are meant to be used under tough conditions, and sometimes you will accidently drop it or bang it against a table or wall. You need to purchase one that can handle this type of stress and that will last a long time.

Once you find one that is durable, the next big thing to look for is versatility. You want to find an electric screwdriver that can be used in a variety of places and different circumstances, and will never hinder the work you are doing. This is why you should buy one with a handle that can be adjustable or that can turn, so you can get into even the trickiest of places. Also try and find one with LED lights on it so you can use it in dark places, or better see your project as you are working.

One of the most important things is that the battery can last a long time and can also charge quickly, so you do not have to wait around to use it. Almost all electric screwdrivers are wireless, as cords just get in the way, so a strong battery and a long-lasting charge is crucial for your success. Find one that comes with a lot of bits so that you can use it with a variety of screws.

Now that you know what to look for when you shop for a screwdriver, you will be able to make a final purchase. Once you get one, how do you use it?

The most important thing to remember is to find the right bit for the screw you are using. This can usually be seen by the outline on the bit and the top of the screw you are using (for example a square bit goes with square-top screws, a diamond bit goes with a diamond screw, etc.). This will ensure it properly gets drilled and that your bits stay in good condition.

Each electric screwdriver is different to inserting and removing the bits, so carefully read your manual, or watch online video tutorials. Once you put the bit in, put the screw on the end of the bit. Some bits magnetized so they will not fall off. Find the area you want to put the screw, make sure the screwdriver is in the forward motion—not reverse, and apply pressure so that the screw is being pressed firmly into the material you are drilling. Then press the trigger and happy drilling!